Baoding City Special Light Source Electrical Equipment Factory
Stall No:  2.A75
Company Description:
�Baoding Special Light Electric Factory�is a member of China Screen Printing Industry Association (SPIAC) and China Isotope and Radiation Association. As from the establishment in 1988, we have�been engaged in the development and application�of UV�systems and other professional services. Possessing a specialist team�who are masters of�the latest UV curing industrial�technology and professional service skills, also�profoundly�experienced�in the research and development of UV�drying plants, for a long period, the factory has maintained favorable�interactions with many domestic institutions�researching�and developing�UV�light�and colleges and universities�promoting new-type�UV-LED. The factory is granted with a number of patents in application and extension. Its products are�on sale throughout the country and partly exported.
Product on Display
�With the development of the times, UV drying plants emerge in endlessly. With environmental-protection performances, they are of prime importance to some industries in need of ultraviolet curing. For this reason, Baoding Special Light Source Electrical Equipment Factory has developed and manufactured new-style ZIHONG variable-frequency power source UV dryer system, only needing 30% of power source of common lighting devices.�

Ⅱ.Function introductions:
1. Low-temperature aluminum alloy structural design;
2. Filtering reflect light arc lampshade;
3. Take�Siemens electric appliances and SMC air-actuated control system to guarantee stability and reliability of door closer.
4. Coding and printer linkage structural control;
5. Auto-adaptation manual and automatic matching light sources;
6. Guarantee 24th of safe operation with the use of several protective measures
(Can match electrodeless power supply control system device).
Located at:
2288 West Road Baoding, Hebei Province. No.Longxing

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