Indian Printing Industry:

Indian Printing Industry is constantly evolving and demanding, generating new opportunities. It is the biggest and fastest-growing sector within the country with its allied industries like Printing Machinery Manufacturers, Packaging industries, Paper manufacturing, Ink manufacturing, manufactures of raw material and consumables.

The value of the print industry across the country was estimated to be over 330 billion Indian rupees as of fiscal year 2019. This is expected to go up to almost 410 billion rupees by fiscal year 2024.

The industry has slowly been progressing from the heavy machinery using industry to a more software-centric business. The Indian printers are today equipped with the latest computer-controlled printing machines and flow lines for binding, while state-of-the-art digital technologies are used in pre-press. UV digital printing and inkjet technology are also on rise in India.

The digital printing industry is seeing significant transformations with new technologies & applications providing cost-effective and customized solutions. For the foreseeable future, offset and digital will not only co-exist, but will also complement each other- with offset taking the medium-to-longer jobs and digital performing on short-to-medium run lengths. The booming Indian economy, increasing consumerism, entry of global brands in the country and opening of the sector to foreign investors are bound to offer growth opportunities to the industry.

Indian Label Industry:

The Indian printing industry is increasingly being driven by growth in packaging and labels.

The Indian Label Industry is growing at the rate of 30% CAGR. This includes the self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, wrap-around labels and other forms of labels. The label demand in India continues to grow and investments in label printing and converting equipment is on the rise.

The Indian market for digital label presses has been growing at a pace of 20-25%, considering how digital is being widely accepted in the market.

Indian Corrugated Packaging Industry:

India Corrugated Box Market is expected to reach over INR 63,000 Crore by FY’2023, with a projected CAGR of around 21.8%. The use of corrugated for display/promotional packs, POPs and dispensers and the emergence of E-commerce industries are expected to have a positive impact on the overall revenue of the corrugated box market.

The growth in use of the internet for shopping, stimulated by the growing use of smartphones as well as the increasing proportion of tech-savvy consumers, has a positive effect on corrugated demand, since it has direct influence on the e-commerce market. Retail ready packaging is also increasing, driven by the influence of supermarkets over the retail landscape. The trend of colored corrugated boxes has been on the rise.