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Dongguan Zhonghu intelligent technology co., ltd. is a professional, focus on packaging automation equipment research and development, production, sales in one of the modern science and technology enterprises, packaging enterprises to provide efficient, stable automation equipment for the mission, continue to create value for customers, save labor costs and efforts.
Because of the focus so more professional, in the joint efforts of the whole Zhonghu team successfully developed three main equipment - "Automatic magnet (iron sheets) pasting machine ", " Semi-automatic magnet (iron sheets) pasting machine" and Iron sheets pasting machine. Zhonghu technology has a complete global sales network in response to the country's "One Belt And One Road" economic corridor strategy. For thousands of large enterprises around the world to provide advanced automation equipment, intelligent technology services, has become the industry's intelligent packaging equipment partners!
Product on Display
Automatic magnet (iron sheets) pasting machine is suitable for the automatic production of many gift boxes such as book boxes. It has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic drilling, automatic glue dispensing and automatic magnet placement. Instead of the traditional manual hole picking and magnet placement mode, the output can reach 1500 ~ 1800pcs/ hour. It�s widely praised by customers with the high efficiency, high stability, high pass rate, small footprint and other advantages.
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NO. 48 Xinlian Community Xinfa Road, Humen Town, Dongguan Guangdong
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