Kunal Enterprise
Stall No:  1.H38
Company Description:
Distributor For following Company In Pan India.

Sakurai Graphic Systems Corp.:- (Japan) For Worls-Class Fully Automatic Cylinder / Flatbed / Roll-To-Roll Cylinder Screen Printing Machines.

Natgraph Ltd.:- (U.K.) For World-Class Various Kind Of Electronic UV, Hot Air & Combination Dryers & Sheet Stacker & Pre-press Equipments.

Keywell Industrial Co. Ltd.:- (Taiwan) Semi Automatic Flat Bed Screen Printing Machines, Various Kind Of UV, Hot Air, Combination Dryers, Wicket Dryers & Sheet Stacker & Pre-press Equipments, Online Screen Powdering & Glitter Machines.

Demak s.r.l.:- (Italy) Various Kind Of Dome Lable Manufacturing Machines, & (Kromex Technology) Chome Emblem Manufacturing Machines.

Laserck Corporation:- (Japan) Automatic World-class Blanking System.

Micro-tec. Co., Ltd.:- (Japan) Solution For Printed Electronics & Solar Cell Printing.

Silk Star Machinery Co., Ltd.:- (Taiwan) Roll To Roll Flat Bed Screen Printing Machines.

Sun SGM:- (Japan) World class Folder-Gluer & Auto Pile Turner.

Topan Printing Company:- (Japan) EP -PAK Products.

Shikoku Kakoki Co. Ltd.:- (Japan) World Class Various Kind Of Filling Machines.

Grapac Japan Co., Inc.:- (Japan) "HALS" Special 3D Printing Technology.

Material Division:- Doming Material, Screen Frames, Clean Room
Material Like Sticky Matt, Sticky Rollers, Wipes, Aluminium Tapes, Special Inks & Varnish & 3D Varnish & Foil, Lenticular Sheets.
Product on Display
Samples For Following Applications:-

 Commercial Screen Printing.
 Packaging Screen Printing.
 Security Printing.
 Credit card printing.
 Mobile Phone Printing. (Body panel / Key pad / Inner pad / Circuit with conductive ink)
 3D application Printing
 Automobile Industry Decal printing.
 Automobile Industry Speedometer, Light indicator, Car & Bike Graphic Sticker printing.
 Value addition like UV Coating & texture UV applications.
 Match Box Manufacturing.
 Circuit Board Printing.
 Ceramic transfer paper for all kind of ceramic printing.
 Textile Printing by Heat transfer. (Sheet printing on cloth)
 LCD Manufacturers for back panel of LCD or light diffusion sheet.
 Perfume Effect, Flocking effect, Glitter UV & various value addition.
 Nameplates / Membrane panels printing for Refrigerator, Washing machine, Microwave, etc.
 Brell printing for blind people.
 Value addition for Packaging printing mainly for cosmetic, medicine and cigarette packaging where
spot coating, shrinking coating is done.
 Doming application (X doming / XY doming & Kromex) depending upon your requirement.
 Solar Cell application
 Medical application
 And many more application depending upon your innovation�
 Screen Frames, Wipes, Sticky Matt, Sticky Rollers, Aluminium
Tapes, Etc.
Located at:
119, Sarita Industrial Estate, Besides Dahisar Toll Naka, Western Express Highway, Dahisar East, Mumbai - 400068

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