Chemo Graphic International
Stall No:  1.E21
Company Description:
We at Chemo Graphic International are one of the leading Manufacturers and converters of Offset Printing Rubber Blankets in the South Asian Region.
Our range of blanket products are converted and barred in our own facility for ready-to-use shipping and are of the highest quality criteria and advanced in their technical requirements.
Chemo Graphic International has been a leading importer and supplier of printing consumables associated with global multinationals for the past 3 decades
Being one of the most trusted companies and having established excellent relationships with our customers; we forayed into launching our independent Brand "Image". Today Image is a leading Brand in the Industry with products such as Image Blankets, Image Spray Powder, Image Die Punching Solution, Etc.
Strategic partnerships with international manufacturers have contributed decisively to Chemo Graphic International's exceptional position in India.
It is our sincere desire to achieve further development and growth by pursuing further innovative changes in the industry, corresponding to the needs of the new age through realisation of liberal and flexible ideas.
Product on Display
Printing Rubber Blankets - Conti Air, Trelleborg, Image

Underpacking Solution - Marks 3 Zet, Policrom Screen.

Colour Measurement Devices - Techkon

Auto Dosing Solution - Dosatron

Press Room Chemistry - Image Magnum Chemicals, Tower Products, O.M.M Graphic.

Litho Perforation Rules - H.S.Boyd, Thompson.

Die Making Solutions - Tsukatani Rules, E+S Label Rules, Image Sigma Rules.
Located at:
113, High Tech Indl. Caves Road,�
Jogeshwari (E)
Mumbai -400060
Maharashtra - India

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