Convergence, noun: the merging of distinct technologies, industries, or devices into a unified whole. -merriam-webster dictionary

PAMEX, in its last edition, had dedicated a separate hall to Convergence in the Print Industry. As a natural progression in the continuing story of convergence, the exhibition has now extended its focus on Textile Printing and Soft Signage Solutions.

‘Convergence’ is a phenomenon that has been happening over the past few years. It has gained tremendous momentum in recent times and is very pronounced today as we come out of the unprecedented global pandemic. At one end, it is driven by the printers who are looking to diversify into an industry segment beyond their primary focus. On the other, the emerging technologies make it possible for printers to offer newer applications, enhancements and embellishments from their equipment.

The Convergence Hall at PAMEX 2024 will once again see a plethora of such cutting-edge technologies.

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